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John Glenn Dead At 95: He Served His Country In War And In Space 
John Glenn, an astronaut, senator and old-fashioned American hero, died Thursday at the age of 95. Glenn was the last survivor of the Mercury 7, selected in 1959 as NASA’s first group of astronauts. He became the first American to orbit the Earth on Feb ...

Make India great again? Fighter jet giants look to move production to India 
Donald Trump may meet his match when he goes toe-to-toe with another world leader who’s showing prowess at strong-arming American companies into helping make his country great again. Lockheed Martin and Boeing are the two major companies involved in ...

Best friend backs up fellow cop; both die 
A second Georgia officer has died after being shot during a domestic disturbance call. Police found the suspect dead of a self-inflicted gun shot wound after a massive manhunt. AMERICUS, Ga. — Whether in uniform or on the beach, police officers Nick ...

Dangerous wintry weather arrives on roads across the country 
The remarkable thing is that in November, we had widespread record warm across nearly all North America. At the same time, major cold and snow descended on Siberia and Russia, reports CBS Boston chief meteorologist Eric Fisher. Now all that air that was ...

Trump names Andrew Puzder, a fast-food CEO and critic of substantially raising the minimum wage, to head the Labor Department 
President-elect Donald Trump said Thursday he intends to nominate fast-food executive Andrew Puzder, a vocal critic of substantially increasing the minimum wage and an opponent of rules that would make more workers eligible for overtime pay, as head of the ...

A Rising Star in the Russian Military Killed in Syria 
Col. Galitsky was set for a major promotion, but got a little too close to the action in the slaughterhouse that is Aleppo. A high-ranking Russian officer, Col. Ruslan Galitsky, who was accused of commanding pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, has ...

ISIS Remains Threat in Libya Despite Defeat in Surt, U.S. Officials Say 
WASHINGTON — The Islamic State, though driven from its coastal stronghold in Surt this week, still has several hundred fighters who have dispersed across Libya and pose a threat to the country, its neighbors and, potentially, Europe, according to ...

Hillary Clinton Re-Emerges After ‘Taking Selfies in the Woods’ to Warn About ‘Fake News’ 
The former Democratic presidential candidate, who has made few appearances since losing the election in November, returned to Capitol Hill to honor retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. During her introductory speech, she made mention to her return ...

Senate agrees to waive most California Guard bonus repayments 
The Senate overwhelmingly approved a $619-billion defense authorization bill Thursday that includes direct help for thousands of California National Guard soldiers and veterans facing repayment demands for long-ago enlistment bonuses. The bill sets strict ...

Trump zeroes in on RNC chair pick 
The Republican National Committee may sit on Capitol Hill, but its fate is being decided in Manhattan, where the field of contenders to run it has narrowed to two leading candidates, Michigan GOP chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel and Nick Ayers, a ...

Justice Clarence Thomas temporarily stays execution of Alabama death row inmate 
(CNN)Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has issued a temporary stay in the death penalty case of Ronald Smith, an Alabama death row inmate whose execution was scheduled for later Thursday. No more information was provided in the brief order. The case ...

Firefighter: Warehouse missing from fire-inspection records 
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The illegally occupied Oakland warehouse where dozens of partygoers perished in a blaze does not appear in a database fire inspectors use to schedule inspections and may never have been checked for fire hazards, a firefighter with ...

Obama Says John Glenn 'Lifted the Hopes of a Nation' 
The death of legendary astronaut John Glenn sparked an outpouring of tributes, including from President Obama, who said the space pioneer "lifted the hopes of a nation." "With John's passing, our nation has lost an icon and Michelle and I have lost a ...

Miami woman admits faking her abduction after disappearing for a week to seek revenge on her boyfriend 
A Miami woman accused of faking her abduction is facing charges after she had been missing for a week to seek revenge on her boyfriend, police said. Samantha Martinez, 20, was arrested and charged with falsifying a police report after she admitted to ...

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